Respect voor mensen


Mezuro has no access to personal data and cannot provide any insight into the mobility information of individual people. Because, while knowledge of mobility patterns is of great social value, as far as we’re concerned it is certainly not more valuable than protecting the privacy of the individual. The information that Mezuro provides is completely anonymous.

The anonymization process ensures that it’s not possible to trace the data back directly or indirectly to individuals. The anonymization process has been tested by TNO. Mezuro and the telecom provider are regularly audited.

How does Mezuro work with privacy?
Why is privacy important to Mezuro?
Does Mezuro have access to personal data?
Is the telecom provider allowed to cooperate with this?
On the grounds of the Law on Protecting Personal Information, can I request my details from Mezuro?
How does Mezuro achieve such a high level of privacy protection?
Is Mezuro involved with location -related advertising?